to manage your tickets!

Dear STRAND-goer,

We found out a few days ago that in 2021, Zamárdi will not be hosting any mass events. Therefore, STRAND Festival is temporarily being relocated to Club Aliga in Balatonvilágos. “10 DAYS OF STRAND” will take place from 18-22 and 25-29 August as a smaller and longer event than usual. As far as the international performers originally scheduled to appear at STRAND Festival are concerned, Lost Frequencies and Alle Farben will be attending the “10 DAYS OF STRAND” Festival alongside over a hundred domestic performers including the likes of Ákos, Halott Pénz, Tankcsapda, Majka and Curtis, Punnany Massif and Bagossy Brothers Company. 

One of the most popular features of STRAND Festival, the Campfire event returns, hosted by Márk Járai, while Tilla will be in charge of the STRAND Open-air cinema. The artists of Dumaszínház will put on performances every day and the MOL Nagyon Balaton team will be recording podcast-discussions on site in a range of subjects relevant to festival-goers. Yet naturally, the focus will be on the beach, offering a range of activities all day long.

The ten-day schedule includes two Sundays specifically tailored to families.

About the tickets

Those who previously purchased tickets for the 2020 STRAND Festival can choose one of the three following options:

  • If they choose to do nothing, their pass will automatically be valid for the event in 2022. Those who create a festival account will receive 10% of the value of their tickets as a bonus balance, which they can spend at the festival in 2022.
  • They can decide to convert their purchased tickets to a balance that can be used to purchase tickets for this year’s 10 DAYS OF STRAND or next year’s STRAND Festival event.
  • Naturally, anyone can refund their previously purchased tickets.
    As an extra treat from the organizers, those who have a valid ticket for the event in 2020 can purchase tickets for the 10 DAYS OF STRAND in 2021 at a 10% discount.

Tickets go on sale on 11 June 2021. According to the current regulations, the festival can only be attended by those with an immunity certificate.

Everything is going to be ok!